Gaelle (PKalpha3-2001-6-8/5-C)

Octopus Lady


6D – Invisibility (Automatic – Hanger and stress make it uncontrollable): You can turn invisible. You can still be detected by other senses, by any number of sensory powers, or simply by how you affect the environment. While invisible, you get a + 2d bonus on your attacks and active defenses when fighting opponents who can’t see you.▲ Make Invisible (+ 2d): You can make anything you touch invisible. Small objects will stay that way for the rest of the scene but large ones demand your concentration. The maximum amount you can affect equals what you could lift with a Might rank equal to your Willpower rank.

8D – Darkness: You can fill the area around you with inky blackness, impenetrable fog, a blinding sandstorm, or some other obscuring element through which no one but you can see. Your rank determines how large an area you can affect, as shown on the table below.

10D – Banish: You can banish any target within distant range to another time, place, or dimension (describe the specifics when you buy this trait). This requires a successful Banish roll against your target’s active defenses, his Toughness, or his Willpower rank (target’s choice). As a status effect, this lasts for 1 page per 2 net successes. This ability can’t be used to send a target to a time, place, or dimension that will automatically injure or kill him. For example, you can’t use this to banish someone into the sun.

6D – Telepathy: You can read minds and send your thoughts to other living beings. You must be able to see a target to use this trait on him. You can read the surface thoughts of anyone within distant range by making a successful Telepathy roll against the target’s Willpower. A person’s surface thoughts reflect what they’re thinking and feeling at that moment. A target with this trait or the Psi-Screen perk will instantly realize when he’s being scanned. You can also perform a mind probe, which is like rifling through a target’s memories for information. This also requires a Telepathy roll against the target’s Willpower, even when probing a willing target. This takes as many pages of total concentration as your target’s Willpower, and you get a +2d bonus to the roll when in physical contact with your target. A successful mind probe reveals not only regular memories but also repressed memories and even original memories altered with the Alter Memory pro (see below). These memories can be restored if desired.

Initiative/Edge: Athletics (3) + Willpower (3) + Perception (3): 9
Health: 12 (1/3 of total stats)

Mundane Stats:
Academics +2
1D Athletics +3
1D Charm +3
Command +2
Medical +2
Might +2
1D Perception +3
Professional +2
Riding +2
Science +2
2D Stealth +4
1D Streetwise +3
Survival +2
Technology +2
2D Thievery +4
Toughness +2
Vehicles +2
1D Willpower +5

(Super senses detection: kaiju)


Gaelle (PKalpha3-2001-6-8/5-C)

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