Willow O'Keefe


Name: Willow O’Keefe
Alias: Will’O’Wisp
Hero Group: TBD
Motivation: Guardian: Protect those who can’t protect themselves
Details: 16 years old.

Health: 12/12
weak at 1d, average at 2d, skilled at 3d, exceptional at 4d, enhanced at 5d, and superhuman at 6d or higher.

Academics: 3 (Speaks Fae)
Athletics: 3
Charm: 6
Command: 3
Medical: 1
Might: 4
Perception: 4
Professional: 2
Riding: 2
Science: 3
Stealth: 1
Streetwise: 3
Survival: 2
Technology: 2
Thievery: 1
Toughness: 3
Vehicles: 2
Willpower: 5
Magical Nonsense:
Absorption – Light – 10 (Siphon)
Dazzle – 10 (Ethereal, Signature)
Images – 6 (Concentration, Inhibited/Darkness)
Flight – 8 Signature

Phasing (4d)
Quick Change (1d)
Warp Pocket (1d)

Vulnerability – Cold Iron
Quirk – Falls in Love
Flashbacks – Fae Lands
Restriction – Minor
Wanted – Parents

Change of clothes; cell phone (burner); passport; several books on Seattle legends, ghosts, and hauntings; coupon tickets to the Paso Verde taco truck; ibuprofen; advil; Nyquil; 1 bottle vodka; 6 can of sprite; chewing gum; ancient Sidhe relic; journal; letters to friends at home; stone with a hole in it; can of salt; 2 copper bowls



Daughter of a highly idealistic IRA activist (Claire O’Keefe, “Star of the County Down”), Willow grew up embroiled in politics, violence, and nationalism. Never a real believer in her mother’s cause, Willow quickly grew sick of the aggressive tactics, and when opportunity presented itself, ran away. Will_o_wisp.pngShe’s convinced herself that she ran out of a need for independence, but in fact, her mother’s violent temper and strict political leanings made the young Willow eager to do better – to protect those in need, rather than exploit (or harm) them for political gain. She hasn’t come to terms with that internal argument, though, because to accept it would mean realizing and admitting that her mother is not a patriot, but instead genuinely a bad person.

Willow O'Keefe

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