The Premise

Your parents are supervillains. It’s pretty fucked up.

You are teenagers. You might be twelve or fifteen or seventeen, but you’re definitely not legally an adult yet, and you had to get away from your supervillainous parents. Oh, you also have mutant powers, or cool gadgets, or alien brain-skills. Or maybe magical awesomeness. Or Batman-like ninja skills. Or telepathic dinosaur companions. Something.

Anyway, you’re totally on the run, and your parents are definitely after you, and for that matter so are the authorities, and probably some other outfits of villains too. Finding shelter and food and money to scrape by hasn’t always been easy. It’s a bad scene.

Obviously this is all pretty vague. That’s where you come in! As a group, you’ll want to come up with some answers to the following questions:

  • Were your parents a society of supervillains that you collectively escaped from? Did you have individually villainous parents with no connection, and came together as a group piecemeal? Some mix of the two?
  • What other groups have you angered? Criminals, law enforcement, The Vigil, the Metahuman Response Division?
  • What groups have you gone to for aid? Did they help you? Will they help you again?
  • How long have you been running?
  • Have you lost anyone along the way?

The Premise

Neon Angels (on the Road to Ruin) runawaymoonbeams runawaymoonbeams