The Powers That Be

The original government-sponsored costumed superteam, the Legion is based in Cardiff and led by Monica Price, better known as the Content Not Found: red-dragon. The Legion debuted in the summer of 1989, defending London from the Lambton Wurm, and have been a noteworthy fixture in superpowered bullshit since then. In 2004, the Legion expanded its mission from the strategic defense of the United Kingdom to cover the entire European project. The transition has been bumpy and fraught, with far fewer members of the Legion than there are countries in the Eurozone, and accusations of being Anglocentric or Francocentric have frequently been aired over the past three years. With the United Kingdom potentially preparing to withdraw from the European Union, the future of the Legion is precarious, and despite the Red Dragon’s best efforts, the cracks are showing in her model superteam.

In the wake of the Lambton Wurm’s assault on London and the instant celebrity of the Legion, the United States set to work on recruiting and training their own costumed superteam. The Vigil was the result. First seeing action in 1994 during the second Kasshien crisis, the Vigil has had a rocky and somewhat tumultuous history, with its banner members frequently rotating and more frequently finding themselves on tabloid splash pages. In 2008, Foundry and Titan took over leadership of the Vigil with a no-nonsense attitude and a mind towards winning the respect and celebrity of other superhuman outfits.

Aurora Project
The Aurora Project is one of the world’s younger nationally sponsored superteam outfits, with the first iteration revealed in Canada in 2003 in one of Jean Chretien’s final announcements as Prime Minister. Led by the vivacious and cheerful Content Not Found: tuurngait, an Inuvialuit woman who claims to have never been born, the Aurora Project has since its inception been the most competent and well-managed superhuman outfit in North America, consistently avoiding the tabloid scandals of the Vigil and the political infighting of Los Guardinales. Perhaps most remarkably, the Aurora Project has consistently demonstrated an aptitude for peacefully resolving metahuman crises, making knock-down, drag-out super-powered ultra-fights basically unheard of in Canadian population centers.

Metahuman Response Division
A favorite target of conspiracy theorists the world over, the Metahuman Response Division is really more glorified cleanup crew than anything. Funded by the United Nations and based in Montpellier, France, the MRD is tasked with monitoring dangerous metahuman activity, cleaning up the results of dangerous metahuman activity, and taking dangerous metahumans into protective custody. In theory, they work extensively with the superhuman outfits sponsored by governments throughout the world. In practice, they spend a great deal of time on damage control and public relations, and have nowhere near the resources, manpower, or time to even begin to perform the duties of their mandate. They do what they can, though. Their current director, Content Not Found: jean-sebastien-moreau, has become famous for learning to say “no comment” in more than two hundred different languages.

Los Guardinales



The Powers That Be

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